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PowerShell: Coldcard Battery Case (Mk4)

PowerShell: Coldcard Battery Case (Mk4)

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Backplate Design

Use your Coldcard Mk4 on the go without fussing over cables or being tied to wall chargers. This 3D printed case combines your Coldcard, Coldpower adapter, and 9Volt battery into a compact package enabling fully air-gapped Bitcoin custody and transactions anywhere, anytime.

Choose from a growing collection of tasteful (and sometimes distasteful) backplates to customize the look of your setup!  

Designed to overcome the inconvenience caused by my own paranoia, this case unlocks the true potential of Coinkite's products by consolidating them in a convenient footprint without limiting any of their native functionality.

This novel design slides onto your Coldcard just like the OEM case, but contains rear compartments to house both a 9V battery and Coinkite's Coldpower adapter. The creative application of a 9V snap connector allows your battery to be housed next to the Coldpower device, rather than in its traditional awkward orientation. A slide-on lid locks in place to keep your hardware secure, and swappable backplates grant easy access to internals or facilitate quick appearance changes.

It can be assembled or disassembled in seconds, but you'll find that this setup offers a substantial quality-of-life improvement and your Coldcard feels naked without it.


Pick a color, pick a backplate design, and you're good to go! If you want extras, we sell those too.


  • Coldcard Battery Case
  • Your choice of backplate
  • Lid 
  • 9V snap connector for connecting battery to Coldpower device

Does not include:

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