Design & Print Your Own Backplate!

  • 1. Upload your image to ImageToSTL with these recommended settings

  • 2. Convert the image and download the newly created STL file

  • 3. Resize the design, and align it with the Backplate in Tinkercad

  • 4. After exporting the final design, program the color change, slice, and print!

Interested in a Coldcard case but hate my taste in art? Well, you're in luck! This is a free download of the Backplate STL so you can create and print your own designs.

This backplate can be printed as-is, or you can add your own design in any of the freely available tools out there. Those new to 3D design can try out the entirely free, browser-based instructions below:

  1. Open the backplate STL in Tinkercad, a free online design tool using mechanics very similar to Powerpoint / Google slides.
  2. Find a free 3D design somewhere like Thingiverse or, if you're feeling adventurous, any 2D image off the web. You can use ImageToSTL to convert any standard image into an STL file for import into Tinkercad. 
  3. Import the STL file for your design into Tinkercad alongside the Backplate STL, and center them on eachother. The Backplate STL has a height of 1.6mm. The top of my designs are usually at 2.1mm, meaning they rise ~.4mm above the top of the backplate (2-3 layers on most 3D printers) 
  4. Export your design and slice it for printing! I won't go into too much detail here because of the variations across printers, but don't forget to program in the color change during slicing. 

Remember that you're working with limited resolution and likely only one color, so fine details, gradients and shading are gonna look bad. If you're converting from a 2D image, a few minutes in tools like Photoshop or even MS paint can go a long way toward yielding cleaner, printer-friendly designs.

You'll need to do some experimenting in TinkerCad, and with the settings in ImagetoSTL if you choose to go that route. Consider this an opportunity to learn a new skill and create something unique. Feel free to reach out via email or on Twitter if you have any questions.

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